204 Needs list:


Kitchen –

Dish towels

Dish rags

Coffee mugs

Dinner plates (10+” diameter)

Hand-crank can openers

Chef knives

Measuring cups and spoons

Electric rice cooker (20+ cup)

Slow cookers (e.g., Crock Pot) (6+ quart)

Food processor (10+ cup)

Electric hand mixer

Dutch ovens (7+ quart)

Cast iron skillets (12+” diameter)

Heavy-duty aluminum saute pans (7+ quart)

Re-usable food-storage containers

Bulk cooking spices

Charcoal and lighter fluid


Exterior –

Cedar mulch

Leaf blower/mulcher with bag

Lawn & leaf bags (paper)

Latex window caulk (white)

Caulking gun

Handheld sprayer (2+ gallon)

Garden hose (75+ feet) and sprayer nozzle


Interior –

Wet/dry vacuum (e.g., Shop-Vac) (5+ gallon capacity)

Vacuum cleaners

Floor polisher/buffer

Spackling paste/compound

Interior painting supplies (paint trays, brushes, masking tape)

5-gallon buckets


Lysol disinfectant spray


Laundry –

Freestanding shelving

Laundry detergent (powder or liquid)

Liquid bleach

Dryer sheets


Rooms –

Twin-sized mattresses

Twin-sized mattress pads

Twin-sized flat and fitted sheets

Standard-sized pillow cases

Bath and hand towels


Office –

#10 business envelopes

Circle labels (1/2”-3/4” diameter)

110 lb. card stock


Residents –

Used clothing items in good condition (excluding undergarments)

Men’s steel-toed work boots

Protein and/or granola bars

Fresh fruit