The WFC houses up to 45 men and women. They are provided three meals and "open" AA meetings daily. The house receives no federal or state funds and is self-supporting. The men and women of AA learn to build friendships and work with sober sponsors to help them on their journey to sobriety. The men and women are taught they must be responsible to themselves and others.

Many of the people that "got sober" at the halfway house and the AA meetings have gone on to build lives for themselves. Most of them volunteer at the house and provide emotional support to the men.

The Board of Directors' prime directive is to keep the original design of the rehabilitation as it was in the beginning: one person talking to another and helping each other to stay sober, all in keeping with the teachings of the AA program.

The Christmas holidays are very difficult times emotionally for the disenfranchised alcoholic. Friends of the house bring fruit, gifts and candy to attempt to teach the alcoholics that they cannot keep their newfound success unless they give it away to others. They must learn to give and care for others, or they will never get well. Each Christmas Eve, the group goes to a care home and sings for the residents. The volunteers have done this for more than 20 years.

Volunteers are essential to the success of the 18th Street house and fund raising activities. Wichita Fellowship Club employs one person full time to oversee and supervise the half way house, part time cooks (men that are not yet well enough to get a job) and a part time bookkeeper.